After going to the Big Clothes Swap at Sustainable Fashion Week, I used Nuw and it's become a bit of an obsession.
So, what's Nuw?

Nuw is an app, a place to upload your old clothes in exchange for Silver or Gold tokens. 1 token = 1 item. Then, once you've got your tokens, you can look at what clothes other people have listed and exchange a token for an item of clothing.

When you see something you like, you click "Swap for a token" and pay a 99p service charge to Nuw and the seller will contact you if they want to accept. If the seller accepts, you arrange how you're they're going to deliver the item to you. Whilst Nuw encourages in-person swapping, it's not always feasible (I swapped something with someone who lives 100 miles away and, whilst I've always wanted to visit Norwich, I chose to use the local Post Office instead). If you use a delivery service, the buyer just transfers the postage fee to the seller using a service like PayPal or Monzo.

It is so simple. In 24 hours, I've swapped 2 items from my wardrobe and found a gorgeous houndstooth pencil skirt in someone else's wardrobe which is now on its way to me – it's going to be perfect for going back to the office.

What we love about Nuw is that it's practically fee to use so it's really accessible for every budget. As long as you have something in your wardrobe that you want to list on there, you can look for something on Nuw.

So, thanks Nuw for bringing clothes swapping online and giving us the chance to exchange clothes with everyone!

Download Nuw on Android or iOS, available in UK & Ireland.
Article by Catherine MacAteer
Image from thenuwardrobe.com